VTTC is aimed at supporting cooperation in the field of technology transfer between CHINA and the CEECs. The role of the Secretariat of VTTC is assumed by the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information on behalf of the CEECs and by the Ministry of Science and Technology, P.R. China on behalf of P.R. China.

The concerned parties have agreed on mutual cooperation in the field of technology transfer support in the following areas:

1.         Support in the area of forming a suitable legal environment for enhancing intellectual property (IP) protection and technology transfer.
2.         Raising awareness of the importance of IP protection and its utilisation in practice for benefit of the knowledge-based society.
3.         Enhancing interactions between industry and academia in a transnational context.
4.         Creation, development and utilisation of common transnational database of experts experienced in different stages of technology transfer process (e.g. patent attorneys, marketing specialists, licensing experts, venture capitalists, etc.)
5.         Sharing information on available technologies suitable for technology transfer, eventual creation of common transnational database of technology offers and needs.
6.         Introduction of supportive systemic tools and mechanisms for effective IP management and technology transfer carried out at research institutions.
7.         Marketing of technologies, searches for partners for commercial applications of research results.
8.         Know-how transfer, exchange of experience and best practice, incl. staff exchange.
9.         Support in introducing and implementation of educational programmes oriented towards IP rights issues and technology transfer on all educational levels, with specific focus on higher education and research institutions.
10.     Organisation of transnational conferences, seminars, workshops and brokerage and matchmaking events in IPR and technology transfer.